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Nintendo Fans: SMB Fanventure World Page 7
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Hmm...I know! *gets out his beeper and beeps Greg*



~The yoshis carry Golem, RealGTX, and Fire Mario at a normal walking pace.~

RealGTX: So you live on Chocolate Island?


FM: What's that?


Golem: I dunno! It's not like I have anything that beeps... Other than my watch, which isn't doing anything...




Wasuki: Great...Greg aint calling me, i'm stuck in the middle of no where, and i'm hungry...Atleast I gots this GO-Kart!

*All of the sudden the Go Kart sputters and then stops*

Wasuki: NO! No NO! I ran out of gas! What to do now...

*Wasuki gets out and walks through the path, which leads to the forest* I'm stuck on Yoshi's Island...FOREVER! *omnious music plays*


~just then, a magikoopa pops right behind Wasuki and puts his wand to Wasuki's back~

Magikoopa: Give ya OOOOONE guess!

Wasuki: ...Kalo? O_O


Wasuki: *gasp* What are ya gonna do? Don't kill me! Alright! Kill me! Just don't take my NES Toploader, nor my new Earthbound game! Please!

Kalo: I got all that. I"m here to make you suffer...FOREVER!

Wasuki: What are you gonna do to me? Drive my out of gas go kart into a house with me tied inside, or change me to some Troopa or sumthin? Or worse...TAKE MY VIDEO GAMES?


Wasuki: Look up! Its a doomship!

Kalo: Where?

*Wasuki runs for his life*

Kalo: Hey! Get back here! *Kalo follows*


Kalo: ~teleports in front of Wasuki~ You're forgetting I can teleport... And just for that... ~waves his wand at Wasuki and Wasuki disappears~


Some Yoshi (one of the three, it's impossible to tell the difference): This is our stronghold. There's lots more of us here.

Golem, RealGTX, Fire Mario: ~hop off the yoshis they were riding~

Golem: So...

RealGTX: Will you strike, where, and when?

Some Yoshi: Since there's no way you could betray us and still harm us before we can attack (and even if you could if you had more time, there's nothing you could really do to stop us that we're not prepared for), we're going to strike ~thinks~ almost about now we'll set out. We're setting out to go to Vanilla Dome.

FM: Why?

Some Yoshi: It's where a chief magikoopa for Princessi, Kalo, lives and keeps our friends captive.



*Wasuki appears spinning around in a worm hole, and Kalo appears*

Kalo: you and your friends thought you could loose me? You can't! Muahahaha! Tell me where you are! Or this wormhole will lead you to suffering!

Wasuki: I dun know! We each went down seperate pipes! I'm wonderin trying to find them!!!!

Kalo: Yeah Right! Now prepare for something so bad! It' bad! Muahahahahaha! *Kalo raises the wand and....*


Wasuki looked around. He was back at the castle.

Something felt weird.

He looked down at himself.

He was a mushroom person!


Wasuki: No! I'm short! AND I have a weird hat on my head! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ugh....I gotta escape and try to find someone who can fix this, and find Golem N the gang....I hope none of the Princess think i'm Toad or sumthing and call for me....Hmm...I think I gotsa idea!


Kalo: That got rid of him...



Some Yoshi: Ready?

All Yoshis: Ready!

Some Yoshi: Then let's go!

Golem: Where are we headed?

Some Yoshi: The Forest of Illusion Star Road.



Wasuki: Hmmm....Maybe if I find another magikoopa...but they're all evil....there must be someone somewhere who could help me turn back to human. Imagine me going back home really short...and have a hat of pokadots! Gah! I NEED TO FIND SOMEONE! Maybe Greg and the gang would help but I can't find em...


Wasuki: Well, I guess the only thing I can do is find Flutter, Luigi, and the others with them...


Wasuki jumps from a castle window and starts walking down a looooong pathway

Wasuki: Now if only I knew where they were...


Wasuki: Hey, there are tire tracks... I guess all I can do is follow them...


*1 hour later*

Wasuki: These end right at the Forest of Illusion. Perhaps....Nah....perhspd maybe they might be in here...*Wasuki walks into the forest of illusion...
Wasuki hears some people walking down the path.*

Wasuki: Is it Greg? Hmm....

Ness Zoogapop

Kalo:It is I Kalo Muhahhahah


Wasuki: Lemme alone! You have caused too many trouble! Look what you did! Change me back or else!

Ness Zoogapop

Kalo:Insoltent! I shall turn you into a big peice of Cheese!


With that, Wasuki scooted away as quickly as he could. He looked around. The tire tracks were nowhere to be seen! Perhaps, just as in the forest's name, it was...

Kalo: An illusion! Your friends have been dealt with. Now, I can cast the next part of the spell... Omni chi...

Wasuki: ~dashes up and thrusts his head forward, letting spores fly everywhere~

Kalo: ~coughs~

Wasuki: ~gets back into the forest~

Ness Zoogapop AKA Crooked Yoshi

~A brown yoshi jumps out of the woods and scares Wasuki~

Wasuki: @$%&*!

~The brown yoshi Is Ness Zoogapop~

Ness Z: The forest is illusiony!

Kalo: Found ya!


Kalo: WAH! A yoshi!

~Kalo aims his wand at Ness and shoots, but Ness dodges and eats Kalo~

Wasuki: O.o

Ness: Yummy!

Wasuki: You sure it's okay to eat a wizard koopa?

Ness: ...Yummy!


Wasuki: You know, you're a Yoshi. You still have a chance to spit him out.

Ness: Why, what could go wrong?


Ness: Hey, look, the wand! ~picks it up~

Wasuki: Change me back into a human!

Ness: ...Okay! ~points wand at Wasuki, but nothing happens~ Huh?

Wasuki: What?!

Ness: It won't work!

Wasuki: Try it on something else!

Ness: ...Okay! ~turns a nearby tree into a goomba~

Wasuki: Great... Hmmm... I guess we just have to continue. Can you at least use that thing to point out the direction of the tire tracks?

Ness: The what?

Wasuki: Just look for tracks.

Ness: Okies... ~turns around holding the wand out, then, as he is facing backwards of where he was, two things along the ground in the distance glows green~

Wasuki: Ah-hah! That's it! Thanks a bunch! ~waddles off as fast as he can~


Wasuki: Once I get back, I should be able to change back into a human... Why wouldn't that wand work on me?


Ness: Hey, hop on. ~points to saddle~

Wasuki: You mean it? Thanks again! These stubby legs are so hard to walk around in...

~Soon, in a dark place in the Forest of Illusion...~

Wasuki: Hey! ~pointing ahead, where the glowing trail stops~

Ness: That means we're close!

Wasuki: They'd be at the end of the trail.

Ness: Erm... I'm getting the feeling that means that they got destroyed by something that's ready to destroy us...

~Elsewhere, also in a dark place...~

Flutter: I like being lost.

B102: Stop saying that!

Luigi: ~rubbing eyes~ Mmrgh... Huh?

B102: ~keeping eyes on the land in front of the car, illuminated by the headlights~ You've been taking a nap the entire time?!

Flutter: He stole my idea. Hey, haven't we been here before?

B102: How can you tell?! This place looks like it's the same all over the place!

~Just then, the car goes into some bushes--what looked like solid land--and comes out of the bushes facing the end of the tracks, after the car stops.~

Luigi: What's that glowing stuff? O_o

Flutter: Looks delicioso.

Wasuki: Could it be them...?

B102: ~gets out, looks around the area, which has been illuminated by the car's headlights and the trail's glow~ Mmm, no, Wasuki's not here... so this definetely isn't a sign for us.

Ness: BOWSER!!!

Wasuki: Ness, that's not THE Bowser. Trust me.
~starts jumping up and down, looking towards B102~ HEY! Over here!

Ness: ~shrugs~ If you say so.

B102: Hmm? ~looks over to Wasuki~ Who are you?

Wasuki: Wasuki!

B102: You mean... the human?

Wasuki: Yeah!

B102: What happened to you?!

Wasuki: Well. Kalo hit me with his wand...

Ness: I've got the wand now! Although I can't turn him back from a toad to a human...

B102: Well, both, hop in our car, we'll find a way out.

Ness: Uh, ... ~points to car, held in the teeth of a huge SMW Blargg jutting up from the ground~

~Meanwhile, in the car...~

Luigi: What is one of these things doing HERE?!

Flutter: Got bored. Hey... anyone else notice Nintenfreak's absence?

~Elsewhere, a mob of fifty or so yoshis from Chocolate Island near the Forest of Illusions...~

Yoshi Leader: Everyone, stay close together.

~When suddenly, another giant Blargg pops up before the mob!! It reaches up forty feet into the air!~

RealGTX: ~frantically reaching through bag~ If I can just get a Dragon Coin, maybe I can lodge its mouth open!


Green pipe: Go in me. Come on. It'll be fun.

Blue, Red, Yellow: Grrr...

Nintenfreak: Suki... just a moment with you, please.

Suki: No time! I've got to--~is grabbed by the shoulders by Nintenfreak~

Nintenfreak: Listen to me. You knew Nintenfreak Senior, right?

Suki: Yeah--we were great pals.

Nintenfreak: Do you know anyone that was resentful towards him?

Suki: Other than your usual suspects,--

Princessi: GASP!! We're going to be late for my concert!

Peach: But it's 9 AM, you still have three hours...

Captain Syrup: ~comes out of green pipe~ You won't be going, I will.

Princessi: Who are you...?

Syrup: You, and I plan to keep it that way! I'm not Captain Syrup any more, now I need to be Princessi!

True Princessi: But...

Peach: I think it's safe to call you by your real name now, Maria...


~As the Blargg is coughing, B102 runs up to it and punches it in the jaw. Its head swings back, and then rams full speed into B102. Wasuki rushes in again, but can't get close enough, for it still swings its head...~


Wasuki: Darn! I can't reach! I need an idea...

*Ness runs up to Wasuki and hangs a lit lightbulb over his head*

Wasuki: I GOT IT!

*Wasuki picks up rocks and starts chucking them at Blargg*

Wasuki: Hey, I wasn't a bad starting pitcher back in the pee wee league!

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