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Wells & McComas: Background for the War of 1812
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Background of the War of 1812

Battle of North Point

The Writing of the National Anthem

Wells & McComas in the War of 1812
Background for the War of 1812

The United States declared War on Great Britain on June 12, 1812 for for several reasons:

-the British attack on the USS Chesapeake two years earlier2

-British attempts to force a blockade on France (during the Napoleonic Wars)2

-Disputes over Northwest territories in North America2

In August 1812, after the war started, the United States lost Fort Mackinac to the British. Also in 1812, US ships met the British without success, save for the victory of "Old Ironsides." The US tried to invade Canada three times, but failed each time.3

In January 1813, the US was defeated at the Battle of Frenchtown. The survivors died soon after. In April of that year, the US took the Great Lakes and burned York (current day Toronto). At the Battle of Lake Erie, the US stopped a British naval attack. Tecumseh was killed and the northwest indians were weakened in October.3

In 1814, the British had burned buildings in Washington, D.C. Soon after came the Battle of North Point.3

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